Here’s What I Played at The Mermaid for Italo Horror Disco on October 24, 2023

The Mermaid Little Tokyo Los Angeles Halloween 2023 altar with a mermaid skeleton in the center surrounded by spooky odds and ends. (Photo: Liz Ohanesian)
The Mermaid

October might have been stressing me out this year, but I felt an instant sense of relief inside The Mermaid last night. I was there to DJ another week of Dolce Vita’s Italo Horror Disco, this time with DJ Alex Arias. The first thing I noticed is that the Halloween display in the bar has grown larger and more detailed since I last played there earlier this month. The centerpiece is a mermaid skeleton, who is surrounded by a bounty of odds and ends, from crystal balls to eyeballs to skeleton hands. The glow-in-the-dark paints and swaths of fabric help give the impression that you stumbled upon this altar while underwater. It’s super cool. Stop by The Mermaid and check it out this week if you have a chance. 

Other than that, it was great to play with Alex for the first time. I loved his set. Plus, some friends stopped by, which made the night all the better.  Here’s what I played in my sets last night. Also, a reminder that I’ll be playing Underground’s Halloween party on Friday, October 27 and there’s a low ticket alert for the party, so get yours as soon as possible. 

Skeleton hand with eyeball in the center is part of a Halloween display at The Mermaid in Little Tokyo, October, 2023. (Photo: Liz Ohanesian)

Set One:

John Carpenter – Mystery

Sarah Dash – Low Down Dirty Rhythm

Ken Laszlo –

Scotch – Delirio Mind

Giorgio Moroder – Knights in White Satin

Valerie Dore – The Night

Franck Choppin – Pain in My Heart

N.O.I.A. – Stranger in a Strange Land

The College Boys – I Get a Rush

German Cowboys – My Lonely Heart

Modern Talking – You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul

Synergic Silence, Fred Ventura, Italoconnection – You’re so Fine (Italoconnection Remix)

Koto – Visitors

Kano – I Need Love

Yello -Bostich 

Suzy Q – Get On Up

Crystal balls and other decorations at The Mermaid in Little Tokyo for Halloween, 2023. (Photo: Liz Ohanesian)

Set Two: 

Book of Love – Tubular Bells

Patrick Cowley – They Came at Night

Goblin – Tenebre

Cerrone – Supernature (Ethan Wood Remix)

Ladies on Mars – Parker on Cowley (“Right on Target” edit)

Boy Harsher – Machina

Master Plan -Electric Baile (Enzo Elia Vocal Edit)

Nuovo Testamento – Heartbeat (Curses Remix – Edit)

My Mine – Hypnotic Tango

Lime – Babe, We’re Gonna Love Tonight

Alaska y Dinarama – Mi Novio Es Un Zombi

Divine – Native Love (Step by Step)

Giorgio Moroder – From Here to Eternity

Tantra – The Hills Of Katmandu 

Bobby O. – Frankenstein

Telex – Moskow Diskow

Tiga & Zyntherius – Sunglasses at Night

Skeleton hand raising its middle finger from above a tombstone in Halloween display at The Mermaid in Little Tokyo. (Photo: Liz Ohanesian)

Set Three: 

Q – The Voice of Q (The Reflex Revision)

Skatt Brothers – Walk the Night

Pino D’Angio – ma quale idea (mikeandtess quick edit)

Terrez – Seduced (Long Version)

Fancy – I Can’t Live Without You (Lonely Nights)

Boytronic – Late Night Satellite

Raff – Self Control

Baltimora – Tarzan Boy

Sandra – Maria Magdalena

Savage- Don’t Cry Tonight

Den Harrow – Don’t Break My Heart

Clio – Faces

Goblin – Suspiria

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