About Liz O.

DJ Liz O. Photographer Chris Carey for Prism DJs Los Angeles, CA
Liz O. (Photo: Chris Carey for Prism DJs)

Hi, I’m Liz O. I’ve been a DJ for nearly my entire adult life. Before that, I was a kid who made mix tapes, so maybe I’ve always been a DJ. I play a broad range of music, including indie dance, nu-disco, house, darkwave, classic disco and classic alternative. I co-promote and am a resident DJ for the monthly, Sunday afternoon party Disco Matinee. I’m a frequent guest DJ at Friday night indie dance party Club Underground and am part of the rotation of DJs for L.A. Industrial’s Italo disco party Dolce Vita. I also guest DJ at parties across Los Angeles and collaborate with Prism DJs for corporate, brand, arts & culture, community and specialty events.

By day, I’m a writer and have penned stories for outlets like KCET, Shondaland, LAist and lots more.

Beatique is a completely personal blog focused on the music I love and my misadventures in the DJ booth. Check in here to keep up on my club dates, new mixes and more.

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