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Get This Album Now: Taleen Kali “Flower of Life”

Taleen Kali Flower of Life album cover
Get Taleen Kali’s new album, Flower of Life, now.

Taleen Kali has a new album out today called Flower of Life and you need to hear it.

Last August, I got to DJ for Taleen Kali’s tour kickoff show at Rubycon Records in Los Angeles. One of the joys of that night was getting to hear Taleen and the band play music from Flower of Life, an album that was, at that point, still months away from release. I remember them ripping through “Trash Talk” most vividly. There’s an immediacy to the song. I had never heard it before that night— it wasn’t released as a single until that November— but, by the song’s end, I felt like I knew it. To me, that’s the sign of a killer pop song. 

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