Listen to KLBP Show The Lunar Saloon on 2/3 and Hear My New Mix

KLBP 99.1 FM Long Beach Lunar Saloon with Guest DJ Liz O. February 3, 2023

This Friday, February 3, tune in to The Lunar Saloon on KLBP 99.1 FM in Long Beach or online to hear a very special mix that I made for the show.

Floppy Disco, host of The Lunar Saloon, said I could come up with a theme for the show and, because I like to punish myself, I chose 82-02-22 as the theme. In other words, all the songs in the set were released in either 1982, 2002 or 2022.

It’s a play on the belief that scenes come back into fashion every 20 years, which is *kind of* true, but not 100% on point. Trust me on this because I went through a ton of music released in those three years. The one-hour set is only a very small portion of my original pull for making this mix.

The set list is a secret right now. You’ll have to listen if you want to know what’s in it. Some of it might be surprising. Hopefully, a lot of it is surprising.