Here’s What I Played at Vidéothèque on October 21, 2023

Stack of records with ?tella Up and Away visible in front and DVD box set of Groovie Goolies with Videotheque sticker. (Photo: Liz Ohanesian)
Here are some of the records I played at Vidéothèque’s opening party (I actually bought that ?tella record at Vidéothèque last year) and the Groovie Goolies box set I rented.

On Saturday morning, I finally finished watching the entire original Dark Shadows series. After IDK how many months of binging through storylines about vampires, witches (RIP Lara Parker, who played the best daytime villain ever), werewolves, portals into parallel universes, a creepy kid who keeps getting possessed by ghosts, a doctor who prescribes sleeping pills and seances, etc., I’m not really sure what to do with myself. Or, at least I wasn’t until last night’s gig at Vidéothèque, when I spotted a Groovie Goolies box set in the Halloween section. Now I have a week to power through this early 1970s cartoon series in between work and Halloween DJ gigs. 

As for the set list, it was a mixed bag of vinyl. My personal theme was “stuff I don’t get to play out often enough.” Although, to be perfectly honest, there’s a good chance that I’ll play “Horror Movies” at every gig between now and Halloween and then put it away until next year. 

Force of Nature  – The Stroll

Harout – Taparoum Enk 

The Seeds – Evil Hoodoo

Love – She Comes in Colors

Armando Trovaioli – L’arcidiavolo

Armando Trovaioli – Blazing Magnum

Ziad Rahbani – Don’t Go

?tella – Another Nation

Iyo Matsumato -Why? 

Robin Gibb – Robot

Bollock Brothers – Horror Movies

B-52s- Give Me Back My Man

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