Beat Swap Meet Set List 9/15/13



Beat Swap Meet happened again in Chinatown yesterday. Of course, I picked up some new-old records for myself. You can check out those purchases in the above photo. I’m kind of excited to play “I Want to Touch You” by Catherine Wheel on vinyl sometime in the near future.

I also got to play at Beat Swap Meet yesterday. Here’s the set list.

XTC– Generals and Majors

The Clash– This Is Radio Clash

Austra and Gina X– Mayan Drums

Echo and the Bunnymen– Heads Will Roll

Siouxsie and the Banshees– Monitor

The Jam– Start!

Fun Boy Three- Lunatics…

Fad Gadget– Back to Nature

I have to gigs coming up this week. On Thursday, you can catch me play at Club Berlin at Alpine Village in Torrance. On Friday, I’ll be at Underground at the Grand Star.


September DJ Gigs

1305391_10101782724263115_1958256204_nFeel like dancing or just hanging out and listening to some good tunes this month? I have four gigs scheduled for September. Mark them down on your calendar now. I’ll post more info on these closer to the dates of the events.

September 15

Beat Swap Meet @ Grand Star Jazz Club

September 19

Club Berlin @ Alpine Village

September 20

Club Underground @ Grand Star Jazz Club

September 28

Shadowplay @ Grand Star Jazz Club


New Story: ‘The Official Edgar Wright Art Show’ for L.A. Weekly

Edgar Wright with artist Joey Spiotto (Photo: Liz Ohanesian for L.A. Weekly)

Edgar Wright with artist Joey Spiotto (Photo: Liz Ohanesian for L.A. Weekly)

I write a weekly column for L.A. Weekly’s arts blog, Public Spectacle. The column is called “Cult Stars” and, in it, I try to cover different aspects of the art and entertainment worlds. You could probably call it a “geek” column of sorts, although I don’t.

In the most recent installment of said column, I went to “The Official Edgar Wright Art Show” at Gallery 1988. Nearly 100 artists paid tribute to Wright’s work, from Spaced to The World’s End. The latter comes out on Friday. It was an interesting show, as well as a popular one. People got in line early for a chance to get inside and purchase one of the limited edition prints. Also, Wright attended the event with frequent collaborators Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

Read all about it in the latest installment of “Cult Stars.” 

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I Played Club Microwave at California Institution of Abnormal Arts

The stage at CIA.

The stage at CIA.

There’s a venue in North Hollywood called the California Institution of Abnormal Arts (CIA). It’s on one of those big, Valley boulevards that practically beg for you to speed along without a second glance. But this spot, set back only a bit from the street, is marked by a clown on the gate and a clown on the front door. They aren’t as eye-catching as the big, polka-dot guy atop Circus Liquor a few blocks east, but you will notice them. I have plenty of times before Saturday night, but for some odd reason or other, never stopped to peek inside. I’ve actually had friends, a lot of them, play here and yet, it wasn’t until two nights ago that I made the trip here.

Clearly, I have been missing out on something special. CIA is the coolest venue I’ve seen in the Valley. It appears small, even after you walk inside. The actual performance area is roughly comparable in size to an itty-bitty punk club. It’s a little rough around the edges too. Look closely and you’ll find tiny cracks in the patterns on the floor of the stage. The scruffiness goes with the decor, which is a mix of oddball vintage finds. There are old mannequins done up in bizarre fashion, skills, dolls heads and lots of candles. The more you explore, the more bizarre this space is.
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DJ Gig: Club Microwave 8/03/12

CIA08032013Saturday night, I’ll be playing at Club Microwave, which is held at CIA in North Hollywood. This gig is particularly cool for a few reasons.

1. I’m playing all vinyl, all synthpop. The musicians on the bill are playing chip tunes.

2. It’s all ages. (Be aware that those under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult.)

3. It’s in the Valley. I don’t think I’ve had a gig in the Valley before this, which is weird considering that I grew up there.

Anyhow, I hope you’ll attend. If you want a Facebook reminder, check out the invite. 

Set List: Underground, July 13, 2013

Dancing in the fog to "Sex Dwarf"

Dancing in the fog to “Sex Dwarf”

I took this photo from the DJ booth last night, while I was playing “Sex Dwarf.” The fog machine was pumping. The music was blasting. The floor was crowded. It was a good night.

Friday was our New Order party at Underground. We couldn’t ask for anything better. People started dancing early and stuck around to the very end. We met one lady who came up from Tijuana for our party because she had seen posts about it online. There were a lot of old friends and new friends inside the club bringing some of the best energy I’ve seen in a while. I played Savages and people kept dancing. When something new does well, I’m ecstatic.

Also, this marked the first time Diana and I played a tag team set. It was fun. We should do it again. Here are my set lists from the night.
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Set List: Zerox at La Cuevita, 6/13/13

Last night, I played Zerox, a monthly party at La Cuevita in Highland Park. It’s an ’80s night, but not your standard one. Resident DJs Eric Dead and Ralphie Nigma play a lot of interesting punk, goth, new wave, ska, etc. I took the opportunity to bust out some tunes that I don’t normally play in my sets, along with some of my favorite hits. Thanks to Eric and Ralphie for having me play last night. Also, thank you to those of you who made it out to the party. It was a great time!
Here’s my set list:
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