Underground Set list 1/11/13: Where We Hear Xmal Deutschland and Discuss Things ‘One Does Not Simply’ Do

Hanging out with my pals Tony and Flora. (Photo: Carlos R.)

You know the “One does not simply…” meme? There was an image going around on Facebook that read, “One does not simply ask for guest list at 8 p.m.” I think everyone who ever worked at a club shared it. I know I did. It’s one of those things that drives club people wild. By 8 p.m., we have our lists printed out and are on the road to the gig. What’s funnier though is when your friend who liked that particular status update texts you the next day, after 8 p.m., with the message, “One doesn’t simply ask for guest list at 8 unless it is Tony.” Since Tony and I have been friends for almost our entire adult lives, and since that text made me laugh so hard that I almost fell off my platforms, he became the exception to the rule. Point being, when you post anything resembling a rule on Facebook, be prepared for your friends to break it and for you to laugh so hard you can’t say no.

So, a few of my friends stopped by the party, which was great because I could dance with them on my breaks instead of sitting at the bar looking at my Twitter feed. The turnout was pretty good and the crowd was dancing all night, even when I threw in Xmal Deutschland. Someone requested that and, since nobody has ever asked me to play them at Underground before last night, I had to do it.

Here’s the set list.

Set 1:


House of Love– Don’t Know Why I Love You

Siouxsie and the Banshees– Israel

Visage– Fade to Grey

Depeche Mode– Fly on the Windscreen (extended)

Grimes– Oblivion

Arcade Fire — Sprawl II (Record Store Day 12″ version)

David Bowie– Golden Years

Love and Rockets– All in My Mind

Soft Cell- Bedsitter (12″ mix)

Pulp– Mis-Shapes

Suede– Metal Mickey

New Order– Love Vigilantes

The Cure– A Forest

Echo and the Bunnymen– Lips Like Sugar

Duran Duran– New Moon on Monday

Human League– Sound of the Crowd


Set 2:

Depeche Mode– Personal Jesus (Pump Mix)

Trans X– Living on Video

The Cure– Lovesong (remix) (rq)

New Order– Perfect Kiss (rq)

Soft Cell– Sex Dwarf

Tones on Tail– Go!

Bow Wow Wow– I Want Candy

Siouxsie and the Banshees– Spellbound

Xmal Deutschland– Mondlicht (rq)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs– Y Control

The Faint– Agenda Suicide

M83– Midnight City

Gorillaz– On Melancholy Hill

Ladytron– Evil (Ewan Pearson mix)

Goldfrapp– Strict Machine (Ewan Pearson Mix)


Last Song

Siouxsie and the Banshees– Dazzle


2 thoughts on “Underground Set list 1/11/13: Where We Hear Xmal Deutschland and Discuss Things ‘One Does Not Simply’ Do

  1. Excellent set, Liz. That last Siouxsie song is one of my favorites. And thanks so much for getting us in (even though Tones broke the rule… Haha!).
    We will definitely be there earlier next time so we can catch your first set! Looks like it was a great one!

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