Thank you!

Hi Everyone,
I’ve neglected blogging, and a lot of other stuff too, because I’ve had my nose buried in some freelancing that has nothing to do with the things I write that you might actually read.
Somehow, in the midst of that, I managed to spew four stories that you did read. At least, I think you’ve read them because you’ve been tweeting, sharing on Facebook and all that good stuff. I want to thank you for that.

Writing is a rough business. Writing for web can be harder, even if there are more outlets. There’s a lot to read online and it’s incredibly easy for that story you spent hours writing to go completely unnoticed. Every tweet, Facebook share or reblogged link helps make sure that the story is seen and, without boring you with the details, that helps me get more work.  That means a lot, so thanks and, if you like something I wrote, please help spread the word.
In case you missed anything, here’s what I wrote this week.

“Skrillex, James Murphy – Hard Summer, Day Two – 8/4/12”

“John K.: Cartoon Magic”

“Duran Duran Speaks: John Taylor Says Twitter Helped Bring Their Fanbase Back to the ’80s”

Wreck-It Ralph Influenced Not Only by Video Games But Harajuku, Gaudi and the San Diego Chargers”
Also, I have two stories in the current print issue of Hi-Fructose.

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