‘Manda Looks Up,’ Now with More Bacon

One of Jeaux’s thumbnails from our forthcoming comic.

At the tail end of 2012, Jeaux and I decided that we would release the comic we have been working on forever online on February 14, 2013. As of today, that means we have a little over a month to get the first chapter finished.

Yesterday, Jeaux came over to my place so that we could have an extensive jam session. I busted out the script, he busted out the thumbnails that he had already sketched and we started working. After hours of reading and re-reading lines and drawing and re-drawing panels, we came up with something we really liked. The photo above is one the thumbnails that Jeaux thought was appropriate to post online.

As far as the comic goes, I’m the writer, Jeaux’s the artist, but there is so much back and forth between the two of us that, sometimes it’s hard to say when one person’s job ends and the other begins. That’s what is making this project really fun.

The character in the above panel is Manda. We’ve worked with her for years in various forms on different projects. She is a completely different character than she was when we first developed her, which was about seven years ago. It’s been fun to watch her evolve, something I imagine will happen a few more times before we get the comic rolling.

We’ll show you a few more updates after next week’s jam session.


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