When You’re Moving Vinyl

One crate of vinyl packed.

A single vinyl record won’t take up much space. The big ones are 12″ in diameter. The small ones are 7″. The heavy ones are 180 g. The light ones, more like 120 g. The problem is that vinyl is a lot like the great M&M. You can’t have just one. And, if you’re like me, you can’t just have 100 or even 500. Though I’ve never completed a count of the vinyl in my collection, I can tell you that it’s a lot. I can tell you this with absolutely certainty right now because I’m trying to move it.

I got a new pad somewhere in a neighborhood we’ll refer to as Greater Hipsterville. It’s a sweet place and I’m more than excited to finally live amongst the record stores and clubs I frequent. But, I’m not excited about trying to move the vinyl. So far, I’ve packed seven crates, each one holding a bare minimum of 75 records. I’m nowhere near halfway done.

This came in the mail today.

Just as I start cursing myself for somehow accumulating so much vinyl, after I start to feel the milk crates groove into my hands, I get a package. It’s the new 7″ from ADULT. and the vinyl reissue of their album, Resuscitation, that I ordered from Ghostly a few weeks ago. I can’t play them now. My listening apparatuses are already packed. The full-length will go in the crates, along with every Soft Cell record I ever found in a used bin (that’s most of them) and the scores of Depeche Mode remix singles I’ve collected over the years and a good chunk of International Deejay Gigolo’s catalog. The 7″ will be packed alongside all those Riot Grrrl singles I bought back when Riot Grrrl was a big thing and that copy of “Warm Leatherette” that I picked up for a pretty penny not long before it was reissued. Maybe I’ll remember where I packed them when I’m finally settled.


4 thoughts on “When You’re Moving Vinyl

  1. at this point my problem is proper shelving more than anything…so that i can buy more…

    i love all formats. its funny. i have “Resuscitation” on compact disc & i have the “Nausea” 12″ single and i really couldn’t see myself buying the vinyl reissue. but that’s just me…

    • I never bought the Resuscitation CD, mostly because I had a bunch of the singles on vinyl already. A few of those songs were missing from my collection, but I have them now. The “Nausea” 12″ is one of my favorites. I played that a lot back when it was new. I actually liked it more than “Hand to Phone.”

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