We Caught Hi-Fashion at L.A. Pride

It was sometime late in the afternoon or early in the evening. My friend Tony and I had spent the whole day wandering around L.A. Pride, where I was working on a story for L.A. Weekly. We were tired and sunburn and about ready to make the long haul by foot back to Astroburger, where we told my husband to pick us up at the end of the day. We were trudging through the grass, maneuvering our way in between crowds of people. I stopped.

That song.

There was a girl on stage dropping verse after verse about all the problems you incur when people confuse you for Madonna. I know, it’s rough, especially when…

“I’m not Madonna. I’m not Madonna.”

The girl on stage had backup dancers. They were moving together, not quite vogueing, but heading into some sort of structured formation.

We stayed put for the whole song, swaying our exhausted bodies back and forth to the beat. At the end, we agreed, this was a jam.

Hi-Fashion is Rick Gradone and Jen DM. They are from L.A. They apparently have played Mustache Mondays. They also recently raised a bunch of funds on Kickstarter for a new EP.

I don’t know why I have never heard them before today. They sound so much like what I would have played back when I was DJing at The Parlour. They are fantastic.

The clip above is “I’m Not Madonna” from a performance at Mustache Mondays. Hope you like it too.

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