Vitalic Releases Video for ‘Stamina,’ Rave Age Full-Length Due on November 6

Vitalic is back with a new album, Rave Age, due out on November 6 via [PIAS] America, according to a recent press release. “Stamina” is the first single from the album and you can watch it right here. The video does have some gross-out moments and features a bare butt. Since I have no concept of what actually constitutes NSFW, keep that in mind and use your own judgment. The song itself is in line with what you’ll hear at those big raver gatherings that aren’t raves. In other words, it’s almost frantic sounding.  That’s not a big stretch for Vitalic, who released his landmark EP, Poney, through International Deejay Gigolo more than ten years ago. That EP features one my all-time favorite dance songs, “La Rock 01,” which itself is a few minutes of complete dance floor madness. Vitalic knows how to get the crowd jumping on tables and, if “Stamina” is a good indication, his next album should manage to do the same thing.

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