Update from the Road: Lake Tahoe

Donner Memorial State Park (Photo: Liz O.)

I’m traveling this week. Headed up to Lake Tahoe, a trip that’s unusual given that I’m far from the outdoorsy type.You’ll read more about the trip later, but I will tell you that we went on an excursion to Donner Memorial State Park. That’s the site of the Donner Party incident and it’s about 20 minutes away from Lake Tahoe.

It’s lovely in Tahoe, but I miss Los Angeles. I miss city streets and bright lights on every corner. But, I’ll be back soon with lots of updates from my thrift shopping for music adventure. (Yeah, that’s what I do in the Great Outdoors.) Also, got a post coming up from last weekend’s Saint Etienne show.

In the meantime, check out my post for L.A. Weekly’s arts blog on arcades in L.A. I spent a lot of quarters on this one, so it should be worth your time.

Also, my pal, fashion and travel blogger La Carmina was in L.A. recently and we headed out to Crazy Hook, my favorite spot in Koreatown, for dinner and then hit up a great opening at Pop tART Gallery. You can read all about it on her blog.


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