Last Night’s Instagrams: Underground vs. International Beat Club

Wam Bam Ashleyanne (Photo: Liz O.)


The lovely lady in the above photo is Wam Bam Ashleyanne. She’s a DJ for KALX in Berkeley. Last night, she stopped by Underground to drop some great soul 45s. Check out some of her vinyl below.

Classic tracks on 45. (Photo: Liz O.)

I danced my ass off during Ashleyanne’s set. You can catch her show on KALX Friday nights from 9-11:59 p.m.

Last night was Underground vs. International Beat Club, the latter being a local ’60s soul/ska/reggae/other assorted awesomeness party. I haven’t been to International Beat Club before, but I certainly will now. Here’s DJ Arthur Allblack, who spun some great tracks last night.

Arthur Allblack (Photo: Liz O.)

Diana from Underground and I were swooning over International Beat Club’s flyers. Seriously the coolest ones we’ve seen.

International Beat Club flyers (Photo: Liz O.)

As Arthur Allblack pointed out on Instagram, it’s also a coupon. Super clever.

If you follow me on Instagram (just look up Liz Ohanesian), you can see more photos from last night.


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