‘Transmission: L.A.’ at Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Want! (Instagram: Liz O.)

There are lots of references to DJ/remix culture in the show. I can’t remember the name of the artist who made the DJ booth/bar, but I know that I absolutely need something like it. Practicing would be so much more natural for me if I had a cold vodka tonic in hand.

The floor in the Ben Jones installation made me dizzy. (Instagram: Liz O.)

My favorite part of the exhibit is the video installation from Ben Jones, part of the Paper Rad Collective and creator of the cartoon series The Problem Solverz. Carlos and I were already fans of Jones’ work (get the Paper Rad DVD, Trash Talking, it’s amazing) and this work did not disappoint.  The piece takes up an entire room, with images projecting on all the walls and the floor. It’s all bright colors, flashing patterns and a sun rising to greet us as though we stayed at the rave a little too late. It’s intense, so much so that I  was hit by a wave of dizziness. But, it’s also, beautiful, clever and funny.

I took an Instagram photo of Carlos inside the Ben Jones installation. It’s called, “Lonely Man Inside a Weirdo Dream.” Existential!  See that and more images on the next page. And get your ass to MOCA to see “Transmission: L.A.” before it closes next weekend.

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