The Stepkids’ Video for “Sweet Salvation” Is Psychedelic Sci-Fi Perfection

Last year, I saw The Stepkids open up for The Horrors and they blew my mind. Everything about the band, from their dreamy psychedelic sound to their visuals to their outfits was perfect. Now, they have a new EP out on Stones Throw (personal note: must get 12″ asap) called Sweet Salvation and a video for the title track. Let me tell you right now, this “Sweet Salvation” video is a psychedelic sci-fi masterpiece. And by that, I mean that it looks like it’s taken from some Sid & Marty Krofft show that was still in repeats when I was a pre-schooler. In fact, it wasn’t. Big Nazo Lab took care of the robots and aliens in this video. Check out the full list of credits on YouTube.

Having grown up watching everything Krofft and Henson that came my way, I have an unusual affinity for puppets and people in puppet-like costumes. I also love 1960s science fiction. If that means my proclamation that this is the best video of the year is biased, than so be it.

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