The Presets Get a ‘Ghosts’ Remix

I’ve been waiting for The Presets to release their latest album, Pacifica, for months. It’s already out and I still don’t have that vinyl copy I’ve been craving. Paychecks can’t come soon enough because this album is gold and I’m tired of listening to it over and over again on Spotify.

“Ghosts” is my favorite track off of Pacifica. It’s forceful and poppy, kind of like certain ’80s hits that I love, i.e. “In a Big Country.” I really want to play it at Underground, but it’s kind of hard to dance to “Ghosts.” Trust me, I’ve tried.

So, now there’s this new remix from Fort Romeau. It’s called the “Burly Man Mix,” so, as you can imagine, it keeps the tough grunts that run throughout the song, but it’s still very much a club track. I like it. In fact, if someone plays this at a party, I will likely dance to it. I still want that album, though, and I’m still torn over which track from Pacifica I’ll play at Underground. Guess will find out soon.

Also, The Presets are playing Club Nokia on October 27, which means– egads!– more concert decisions.

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