Suede Nite @ Underground: Set List

I usually play all vinyl. However, last night was Suede Nite at Underground and, the thing about Suede (who I still refuse to call London Suede), is that it’s incredibly difficult to get their releases on vinyl in L.A. I had one 7″ and one 12″ single. After spending hours walking around Hollywood and Highland Park, I now have three 7″ ┬ásingles and that one weird “Everything Will Flow” remix 12″ that I randomly found in a cheapo bin at Amoeba years ago.

That said, I played CDs last night and it was fun. It was a different experience and I think the set list is far from what I normally spin in part for that reason. It’s basically what I played at Bang! back in 2000 and 2001. I even got The Avalanches in there.

Some friends asked about the cover of “Da Da Da” that I played last night. It’s from Elastica’s second album. “You know, the one no one bought,” I answered. The album is actually called The Menace and the “Da Da Da” cover was something I played a lot at Bang! when the album was new. Go look through the used CD bins and I’m sure you’ll find it for cheap.

And now, for the set list:

Suede– To the Birds

Trashcan Sinatras– Obscurity Knocks

Teenage Fanclub– Star Sign

Chameleons– In Shreds

Editors– Munich

Ultravox– Dancing with Tears in My Eyes

Style Council– My Ever Changing Moods

The Avalanches– Since I Left You

Elastica– Da Da Da

Suede– The Drowners

Morrissey– Sister I’m a Poet

James — Sometimes

The La’s– There She Goes

Siouxsie and the Banshees– Slowdive

Bauhaus– Stigmata Martyr

New Order– Ceremony

Set 2:

Supergrass– Alright

James– Laid

The Cure– Boys Don’t Cry

Iggy Pop– Lust for Life

Suede– Can’t Get Enough

Pulp– Party Hard

Depeche Mode– Just Can’t Get Enough

New Order– True Faith

Tones on Tail– Go!

Soft Cell– Sex Dwarf

The Smiths– What Difference Does It Make?

Joy Division– Love Will Tear Us Apart

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