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A funny thing has been happening at Underground lately. People have been going nuts for the old L.A. goth club staples. Clan of Xymox gets people running to the dance floor. We get requests for Xmal Deutschland. It’s a little unexpected, but we decided to go with it and throw a party called Shadowplay last night. We said it was our goth night. It’s really a lot more than that.

We had a full dance floor before 11 p.m. I remember seeing my friend Tony walk into the club and I wanted to play this Creatures song, “Right Now,” for him because we used to always dance to it together back in the days of Helter Skelter and Coven 13. Then I looked at my phone and realized it was way too early for “Right Now.” I waited.

I got my start as a Coven 13 DJ. I’m incredibly grateful for that gig because that’s where I learned to work a dance floor. The gig also put me in touch with the bands who I would bring up to my radio show for interviews. That led to writing. So, Coven 13 played a pretty important role in my career.

After I graduated from college, I left Coven 13 and left the goth scene behind. I started playing at other clubs, playing different styles of music. Sure, I still went to the clubs here and there to see my friends play, but I was preoccupied with other stuff. Last night was probably the closest I’ve gotten to playing a goth dance party in over a decade. It was a lot of fun. I think my favorite moment was when I played “She Sells Sanctuary” and the whole room just went crazy on the dance floor.

I had too much music for last night. I cut my picks in half. Then I cut them in half again. Filled a crate as tightly as I could. I still played less than half of what I brought. We really need to do this again.

Set One:

Dead Can Dance– The Fatal Impact

Dali’s Car– The Judgement Is the Mirror

Martin L. Gore– Compulsion

Echo and the Bunnymen– Bedbugs and Ballyhoo

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry– Talk About the Weather

Sisters of Mercy– Gimme Shelter

New Order– Everything’s Gone Green

Spandau Ballet– To Cut a Long Story Short

Human League– Empire State Human

Marc and the Mambas– Untitled

Bel Canto– Shoulder to the Wheel

Visage– In the Year 2525

Depeche Mode– Fools

Nitzer Ebb– Join in the Chant

ADULT. — Hand to Phone

Golden Boy w/Miss Kittin– Rippin Kittin

Clan of Xymox– Muscoviet Musquito

The Cult– She Sells Sanctuary

Specimen– Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Nina Hagen– Born in Xixax

Lene Lovich– Lucky Number

Sex Gang Children– Sebastian

Virgin Prunes– Pagan Lovesong

Set Two:

This Mortal Coil– 16 Days/Gathering Dust

Marc Almond– Tears Run Rings

Gene Loves Jezebel– Desire

Skinny Puppy– Assimilate

Einsturzende Neubauten– Yu-Gung

Fad Gadget– Lady Shave

Sisters of Mercy– Temple of Love (request)

Danielle Dax– Big Hollow Man

The Creatures– Right Now

Psychic TV– Just Like Arcadia (request)

Kate Bush– Running Up That Hill

Set 3:

Tones on Tail– Christian Says

Legendary Pink Dots– Curious Guy

Strawberry Switchblade– Since Yesterday

Fun Boy Three– Our Lips Are Sealed

Siouxsie and the Banshees– Dear Prudence

This Mortal Coil– Alone

7 thoughts on “Set List: Shadowplay @ Underground

  1. great set. i had not spun a goth set in ages, but as i read at your fantastic set list, i realize that i had about 70% of what you played ready to go in my set list for last night. oddly i think i spun about 3 song all night. thanks for the night off! =)

  2. Thanks for posting this! There were a couple of times last night where I stopped and thought “I know this. I know that I know this, but I don’t know this RIGHT NOW.” This solves that issue.

  3. such a fun night. it’s always great to hear the darker sounds of the 80’s and not so popular songs from amazing bands.

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