Quick Update: ALA, Club Cheval

Club Cheval at CYP2. Photo: Liz O.

I really need to get used to updating this thing every day. This week was a little busier than normal lately. The holidays are now officially over and business is back to usual, so I’ve been spending most of my days contacting editors, publicists, etc. to try and get stories written and sold. It’s really easy to spend more time planning the story than actually writing it.

Anyhow, last weekend was Anime Los Angeles. I love ALA and really believe it’s one of the best conventions in Southern California. This year marked the first time I’ve ever organized a convention panel. “Shibuya-kei and Japanese Indie Music” was a discussion featuring Tune in Tokyo DJs Greg Hignight and Del Martin, plus musician Tommy Pedrini of the new (and great) L.A. band Cats on Mars. I took a moderator role for the panel, but probably ended up talking a lot more than I intended. I can be a bit of a motormouth.

Regardless, the panel went pretty well and we had a nice turnout. I want to revise the panel topics a little bit and submit it to another convention soon. Will keep you posted on that.

The other thing that happened at ALA is that my friend Charleett got me hooked on Homestuck. I can’t stop reading the web comic. You can read about it in today’s Cult Stars column for L.A. WeeklyMy ALA coverage ran on Monday with a slideshow from Shannon Cottrell.

On Tuesday, I interviewed Felix Cartal. I don’t know where that story will go yet, but I jumped on the interview despite that because it was probably my only chance to get an in-person chat before his new album drops. That night, I headed down to Check Yo Ponytail 2, where Club Cheval spun. Club Cheval is a really cool crew of DJs from France and I was happy to have a chance to hit up the event. You can read about that in L.A. Weekly. The photo above is a quick snap I got with my phone, but you can check out much better images in Timothy Norris’ slideshow.




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