Can Paris Hilton’s DJ Set Be the Death Knell of Celebrity Culture? Pretty Please?

You saw that video of Paris Hilton’s DJ set, right? Even my mom saw it. She’s a hip lady and all, but I know for a fact that she doesn’t spend all day looking for clips of DJ sets, so I’m guessing that link traveled far. If you haven’t seen that trainwreck snippet of a performance, Google it because, frankly, I’m responsible for enough hits on that thing already.

The thing that troubles me about the clip is the absolute audacity someone has to have to take the stage at a music festival and be so obviously unprepared. If you talk to a lot of the big DJs, you’ll notice that almost all of them spent years perfecting their skills inside tiny, hometown clubs before they hit the touring circuit. Paying your dues is important, not because of fairness or anything like that, but because you’re actually undergoing a learning process far more important than a year of tutelage under Afrojack or DJ Poet or whoever else is responsible for this.

But, if you’re a celebrity, you can do anything.

There are few things more irritating than the obsession with every movement of people who are famous for adding nothing of value to our cultural landscape. That a shitty set from some girl with a famous last name and a string of insipid reality shows and tabloid antics gets more attention than all of the super talented people who step behind the decks every night is sad, but expected. If we’re lucky Paris Hilton’s inadvertent Rihanna/Paris Hilton mash-up was the death knell of celebrity culture.

This isn’t just about clubs or dance music. It’s not even really about Paris Hilton. It’s about the bowels of pop culture oozing all over the Internet.

I was talking to my friend [tlr], an exceptionally creative, underground electronic musician, earlier today. He said to just ignore the Paris Hilton DJ sets of the world because attention is what they want. I understand that. it’s like sharing the link to a story you think is troll bait. The blogger wins because he/she is getting the pageviews. On the other hand, ignoring symptoms doesn’t make the illness go away. A lot of times, the illness will just grow worse. You have to seek treatment.

Here’s a simple remedy. I’m not sure it will work, but it’s worth a try, right? There are millions of people in this world who are more fascinating that Paris or Snooki or Kim or those Teen Moms and Real Housewives that are always on the cover of People Magazine. Let’s get their stories out into the world and share them. Let’s give those people the pageviews so that they can prosper and take their ideas to bigger and better venues. You’re probably already doing this, the same way my pals and I are, but let’s figure out how we can take this beyond our small circles.

Then we can go ahead and ignore the tabloid kings and queens.


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