New Music from ADULT.! On Vinyl! I Need to Stop Screaming!

This morning on Facebook, I saw a little video clip from ADULT. You can watch here. I’m going to spoil it for you, but it shouldn’t take away from the excitement of the video. ADULT. has new music out next week in the form of covers of “Shari Vari” (A Number of Names) and “122 Hours of Fear” (The Screamers). Even better, it’s coming out on vinyl. I put in my pre-order as soon as I stopped hyperventilating. You can do the same thing over on Ghostly’s website.

Still, there’s more. Ghostly is reissuing Resuscitation, the duo’s compilation of early singles, including fan favorites like “Hand to Phone” and “Nausea,” on vinyl. You can also pre-order this right now through Ghostly.

I flipped for ADULT. the very first time I heard “Hand to Phone,” which is more than 10 years ago at this point. Those of you who knew me back when I was spinning at The Parlour can probably recall that not a week went by without me playing something from the Detroit duo. I also had the chance to interview them early on in my writing career for Outburn Magazine. I still play ADULT. in my DJ sets and you can bet that you will be hearing the new tracks as soon as my copy arrives in the mail. I haven’t freaked out over a new release announcement in a very long time.

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