KXLU Fundrazor 2012 Starts on Friday

KXLU Fundrazor flyer captured on my cell phone.

Yesterday, I got a postcard in the mail, a gentle reminder from my pal Maki that KXLU’s annual Fundrazor starts this Friday and goes through October 5. This is important.

KXLU airs on 88.9 FM in Los Angeles and online for everyone else. It’s a college station, affiliated with Loyola Marymount University. It’s a station managed by students, staffed primarily by students and alumni and it broadcasts across the second largest radio market in the U.S. KXLU is a rare, beautiful thing. They only do one Fundrazor a year and the money they raise does go to keeping the station afloat. So if you have a little extra money to spend and you too believe in the power of radio, pledge to KXLU.

I have a personal connection to the station. I was a DJ there throughout my four years at LMU and was program director my senior year. KXLU was where I met my best friends and my boyfriend. It’s also the place where I learned just about everything that I use on the job today.

The amazing thing about having a college station run by actual students is that it presents an opportunity to learn things on the job, something you’ll never be able to do in a classroom. At KXLU, I learned how to DJ, how to conduct an interview, how to manage a staff. But, there’s more to KXLU than that.

In the sea of utterly horrible radio stations that play the same Coldplay songs ad nauseum, KXLU is refreshing. They don’t play anything that you can hear on commercial radio. They have very strict rules about how often you can play a song in order to avoid too much repetition. It’s entirely possible that you can listen to the station for 24 hours and not hear the same song twice. That said, if you really love music and you want to keep up-to-date on it, you should be listening to KXLU. It’s better than a music blog, better than the new release section of Spotify. I’m listening right now and I have no idea what’s playing, but it’s certainly 100 times better than anything on the adult alternative station in town.

I truly believe that KXLU is the most important music-centric radio station in the city, maybe even the country. More people should know this, but they don’t. (Frankly, I blame this on the station’s lousy social media presence.) We can do our part, though. Listen to KXLU. Pledge to KXLU. Spread the word.

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