Anime Expo Karaoke Is Back and, This Time, I’m a Judge

Anime Expo 2012 is this weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I’ll be there all four days interviewing people and stuff, but, on Friday, I’ll be doing something a little different. I’ll be judging the preliminary round of Anime Expo’s Karaoke Contest.

My friend Tommy Pedrini, of the fantastic band Cats on Mars, asked me to judge. He thinks I have a good ear or something. That might be true. One thing that I know for a fact, though, is that anyone reading this can probably sing better than I can.

The karaoke contest takes place in room 511 and starts at 4 p.m. I’ll be there through the preliminary round, which will end around 7 p.m. The rules are available AX’s site. Online signups are closed, but there will be a few slots available for people who want to enter at the convention. Good luck and I hope to see you there.

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