World’s Saddest Dance Song: Underground Set List 7/06/12

I’ve written about how unpredictable DJing is, even when you have a resident gig, and this week’s Underground session was no different. It was New Order night and, trust me, I played a lot of them. The big hit from my set, though, was “Seconds” by the Human League.

“Seconds” is the World’s Saddest Dance Song. I’m not even sure it’s intended to be a dance song, but it’s on Dare, so it is. It’s about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Yeah, pretty heavy stuff for a party, but maybe that’s why it works. Certainly, that’s part of the reason why it’s my all-time favorite Human League song.

I played an early set and a later set. During the early set, maybe around 10:20, there were a couple of people on the floor. I threw on “Seconds” mostly because I wanted to hear it. I used to play it a lot back in 2002 or 2003, when there was a big Human League resurgence, but that was 10 years ago. I played it once since coming out of retirement and it didn’t work at all. This time, people rushed to the dance floor. A couple people came up to the booth to say it was their favorite song from the band. Someone even mentioned the song near last call. Maybe I should stick this back into regular rotation.

Other than that, since I went on really early, I played a pretty massive non-hit New Order set. Hope some fans were able to catch it.

Check out the set list after the jump.

Set 1:

New Order Mega-set:




Broken Promises


Someone Like you

The Knife– We Share Our Mother’s Health

Ladytron– Seventeen

Crystal Castles– Suffocation

Cold Cave– Icons of Summer

The Faint– Glass Danse

New Order– Everything’s Gone Green

Human League– Seconds

Depeche Mode– Dangerous


Set 2:

Depeche Mode– Personal Jesus

New Order– Blue Monday

The Rapture– House of Jealous Lovers

The Presets– Are You the One?

Vitalic– La Rock 01

Trans X– Living on Video

New Order– Bizarre Love Triangle

New Order– Sub-Culture

Pet Shop Boys– West End Girls

Ladytron– Playgirl

Duran Duran– Rio

M83– Midnight City

Daft Punk — Da Funk

Depeche Mode– But Not Tonight (rq)

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