Hey, New Year, I Broke Out the Glitter Platforms Just for You

We’re spending the last few minutes of 2012 inside a club, drinks in hand, horns on standby. I’m wearing glitter and velvet platforms that I bought at H&M the day prior. They are huge shoes. I might be hovering around the six feet mark when I wear them. I’m taller than all the girls around me, some of the guys too, but I don’t feel any of that anxiety that I did back in junior high, back in the days of “How’s the weather up there?” jokes. Instead, I think I’m Wonder Woman. A clumsier, wimpier Wonder Woman, but you get the point.

After midnight, I try doing a Morrissey rockabilly dance as I fire off lyrics from “Sing Your Life.” Dancing in platforms is rough for a girl like me, the kind of girl who can hardly stand still without injuring herself. I get through it, though, because it’s a new year and anything can happen. I might actually wake up one morning and not be a trainwreck in really big shoes. Anything can happen.

All that is to say that I’m excited for 2013. My friend Jeaux Janovsky and I will finally release our comic on February 14 of this year. (We’re keeping the title so secret right now that even we aren’t sure what it is.) There are some other projects on the horizon as well, but I can’t talk about those yet.

I’ve been writing constantly lately, writing about every stupid thing I see as I walk down the street. The fruits of those exercises will be coming up soon– probably tomorrow– and will be available to read here. Bookmark this page or whatever it is people do these days.

Happy New Year. Hope you have an awesome 2013.

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