Photography Jewelry from Megan C. Brooks for Goths and Old School Gamers

Megan C. Brooks bottle cap charm (via Etsy)

Megan C. Brooks is a New Jersey-based photographer whose work I cannot compliment highly enough. She’s also a friend and, back when she lived in Los Angeles, we used to collaborate with each other. We spent a year or so traveling across Southern California in search of the perfect music festival, most of which was documented in a music newspaper called The Rockit that’s no longer in existence. (Dig through the archives on her website and you’ll find photos from many of those adventures.)

Megan just released a line of bottle cap jewelry with a lovely, gothic feel- “Handmade with my own blood sweat and beers, well I had a little help with the beers,” she writes on Etsy– and each piece features one of her photos. You can pick out one five cemetery photos for your pendant, and, at $11, it’s a really affordable way to beef up your art collection.

Pong photo charm by Megan C. Brooks (via Etsy)

For those who want something a little less brooding, check out her Pong necklace. I really love this piece, it makes me want to go to an arcade. We’ll have to do that next time Megan is in town.


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