Good Mail: New Vinyl from Crystal Castles and Drexciya

crystalcastlesdrexciya 2As much as I love digging through the bins at every L.A. record store, I also order a lot of my records online. This is mostly because I like getting physical mail. Also, Amoeba sometimes sends out coupons that are only good for the online shop. These are my most recent purchases, which I picked up yesterday.

The record on the left is (III), the new one from Crystal Castles. I’ll probably be playing something off of this at my gigs soon, though I don’t know if soon means tonight.

I also picked up Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller III. This is from the Drexciya reissue series released by Clone Classic Cuts. If you’re a techno fan, you probably well aware of Drexciya’s impact. If you have never heard the name before, here’s the Wikipedia entry┬áto get you started, but, really, you should read this blog post.┬áThis is good stuff. I still need to get the first two installments of the series.

Reminder: I’m playing at Underground tonight. RSVP on Facebook for free entry before 10 p.m., $5 cover after 10 p.m. The cover is $8 without the RSVP.


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