Go See Sweater Girls This Sunday

Cover of Sweater Girls Were Here. (Image courtesy of Sweater Girls)

My friend and fellow Underground DJ, Diana Meehan, is playing with her band Sweater Girls on Sunday at Part Time Punks. Joining them are Detective and Seapony.  You should go.

I would tell you what Sweater Girls sound like, but that would be boring. Instead, I recommend listening to this “Infatuation Street.” This song is from the band’s forthcoming debut album, Sweater Girls Were Here, to be released via HHBTM Records.

Also, now is your chance to pre-order Sweater Girls Were Here on limited edition vinyl for the low price of $12. (Really, that’s not bad for vinyl these days, especially when there are only 500 of these babies.) For an extra $10, you can upgrade to a full Sweater Girls package, which also features a totebag, button and Sweater Girls mix tape.

Part Time Punk is at The Echo this Sunday.

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