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I’ve had this blog since January and it’s been more or less just a space for me to write whenever I’m in between deadlines. However, I’m trying to change that and, as of next week, there will be more content, more weirdness, more stuff to keep you occupied when you can’t find anything better on the web.

Some things I’m planning on adding to the site:

1) Interviews with bands I like.

2) More photo-based posts from around Los Angeles.

3) More geeking out over TV shows and movies that came out before I was born, maybe before my parents were born. Also, more British TV shows.

With this in mind, I have but one question for you. Are you interested in music, concert, TV, comic book recommendations? I’m not talking about reviews, just recommendations based on whatever is coming out during a specific week. Answer in the comment thread.



4 thoughts on “Picking Your Brain

  1. I think recommendations would be a great addition. Since you’re covering multiple forms of media, I think you have an opportunity to open up fans of one medium to the other by pairing recommendations accordingly. “If you’re a fan of (insert movie/tv show/music/etc), then check out these comics this week.” I’m a fan of giving different recommendations for different tastes, rather than just saying, “This comic is good.”

  2. Hi Liz! Yes, I’d be very interested in your music & concert recommendations. I already visit this site for your Underground setlists, and Grandma stories. 🙂 Band interviews and more pics from around town would be great too. I LOVE L.A. but don’t get to visit as often as I’d like, so any and all visuals would be appreciated. It’s always fun to see pics from `back in the day’ too. Looking forward to the site. – Dan

    • Thanks, Dan. I definitely plan on posting more photos. As for pics from “back in the day,” I think I have a lot, but that’s going to take quite a bit of scanning. 🙂

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