Disco Godfather, How Do I Get On Your Guest List?

Disco Godfather trailer (thanks, Juan!)

There’s a movie called Disco Godfather, or The Avenging Disco Godfather (thanks, Josh). It stars Rudy Ray Moore. Disco Godfather has just about everything I can ask for in a ’70s movie. There are big dance numbers, epic martial arts sequences and freaky hallucinations.

Moore plays Tucker Williams, an ex-cop who becomes a hot shot nightclub impresario. He runs a cool club, DJs with finesse and has more than a few martial arts moves at his disposal. The latter comes in handy when his nephew gets messed up on angel dust. Tucker Williams, introduced as the “Disco Godfather,” is a cool dude. He doesn’t just turn up in the booth for his set, he dances his way through the crowd before taking over the ones and twos. I want to party with Disco Godfather.

The club in the movie is called Blueberry Hill. It doesn’t look a think like the Blueberry Hill I imagined when I first heard the Fats Domino song. The exterior looks like pretty much every aging bar that dots main streets from the Valley to the South Bay. We’ll call it California Ranch Mini-Mall.

There’s a $3 cover for Blueberry Hill. As cheap as that is, I would rather be on the guest list, just so I can hustle up to the door in my disco leotard, bow tie and fedora and say, “I’m on Disco Godfather’s list.”

I want to slide across the beautiful black and white dance floor and spin under the disco ball. When Disco Godfather screams, “Put your weight on it,” I want to thrust all however-many-pounds of me into one sweeping grand jeté.

Mostly, though, I want to spin vinyl in Disco Godfather’s DJ booth. The equipment probably isn’t too great. After all, this movie was made in 1979. But– omg!– the booth lights up into sparkly disco patterns. I’ve danced on glittery floors but have never once played in a booth with all those little tiny lights. Can you imagine the walls surrounding you shimmering like stars as you drop a Sylvester track? Can you think of any club moment more amazing than that? I can’t. I think this has been my dream since I was a little girl playing with a Lite-Brite. I just didn’t realize it until last night.


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