‘Transmission: L.A.’ at Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Ben Jones makes the sun shine. (Instagram: Liz O.)

There’s a Mercedes in the middle of the “Transmission: L.A.” exhibition at Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. I didn’t take a photo, but it’s there, and if you have stopped by the event, then you likely saw it too.

Consider the car product placement. “Transmission: L.A.” is part of Mercedes-Benz’s Avant/Garde Diaries project, essentially, a series of cool events and artist spotlights funded by a car company.

In my younger days, I would have scoffed at this with typical indie snob superiority. It took a while for me to understand one of the greatest truths of the world.  No good idea will get off the ground without money. If corporations want to put up the money for people doing awesome, creative things, then it’s good for artists and it’s good for us.
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Mega Post: 12th Planet, Scotland Night at Underground and More

Updates here have been sporadic, but there’s a good reason for it. I’ve spent the past month working on “12th Planet is the Johnny Appleseed of Dubstep,” this week’s music feature for L.A. Weekly. As the title might indicate, it’s a profile of 12th Planet, probably one of the most important DJs to come out of this city in years. Profiles can be rough. They require hours of interviews, more hours of transcribing interviews and then multiple revisions before I turn it into my editor and the revision process continues. They are laborious, but, ultimately worth the effort, especially when you know that the subject of the story is doing amazing things.

At the same time, I did a shorter, less labor intensive piece for Vegas Seven on Bassnectar. I think I actually turned these in to my respective editors on the same day. So, yeah, busy.

But that’s not all. Last weekend, I headed to Gallifrey One, the annual Doctor Who convention, with my buddy Shannon. While we there, we met some fans who restored the TARDIS console from the 1996 movie. It was amazing, so I wrote about it. Also, Shannon took some lovely photos. I really want to make myself a Dalek miniskirt. Or a TARDIS minidress. Or both.

And I went to the Edwardian Ball too.
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That Time I Saw Hatsune Miku Next to Robert Smith at Munky King

Hatsune Miku and Robert Smith on the wall at Munky King (art by Plasticgod). Photo: Liz O.


I try not bust out my camera phone on every occasion, but how often is it that you see Hatsune Miku and Robert Smith next to each other? I think the answer would be never were it not for these two pieces spotted at Munky King. They’re by Plasticgod. He does really cool Lego-like portraits of celebrities, pop culture icons, etc.

So, what was I doing at Munky King, you ask? Did you ask? Do you care?

I was interviewing Luke Chueh.
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I Talked to Yoshiki Again

X Japan’s founder/drummer Yoshiki is probably right up there with Andrew W.K. and Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick of The Venture Bros. on the list of people I’ve interviewed a lot. During our latest chat, we talked about the theme for this year’s Golden Globes that Yoshiki composed. Also, I asked him when the next X Japan album is coming out. Read about it on L.A. Weekly’s arts blog.

Club Underground’s Soft Cell Tribute: My Set List

Yours truly holding a copy of Ladytron's album 604 at Club Underground. Photo: Shannon Cottrell for L.A. Weekly, used with permission.

Updated 1/9/11:  Shannon Cottrell was at Underground on Friday night and took a lot of photos. Check out her slideshow for LA Weekly.  That’s me in the above photo, holding a copy of Ladytron’s album, 604.

Club Underground’s Soft Cell party was a big hit. (I probably should have taken some photos, but you will see some elsewhere soon.) Thank you everyone for coming out last night.

We split up the night into one early set, one late set. I think my early set was better, even if that copy of “In Between Days” skipped a lot. From where I was standing, the big hits of the night came from M83, Cold Cave, Crystal Castles, Depeche Mode and, of course, Soft Cell. Check out the set list (with notes) after the jump.
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Club Underground Sneak Preview

Soft Cell "Torch" 12" and Depeche Mode "But Not Tonight" 12". Instagram Photo: Liz O.


Tonight’s our big tribute to Soft Cell at Club Underground, which was named one of this week’s picks on L.A. Slush, and I’m trying to pack my records for the night. Obviously, all three of us will have lots of Soft Cell and related acts on hand. I have no idea which tracks I’ll end up playing, but “Torch” is certainly a good one. Maybe Larry or Diana or I will drop “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.” You’ll have to be there to find out.
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One Nerd’s Night Out: Comic Books, Records and Video Games

Meltdown Comics. Instagram Photo: Liz O.

I wish I could tell you that last night was a typical one in Lizland. It was not. Most nights, I end up watching repeats of The Big Bang Theory and King of the Hill. Wednesday night, I did not. It was a real nerd’s night out complete with comic books, records and video games. Here’s what happened.

Peanuts #1 Photo: Liz O.

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Talk Shibuya-Kei with Us at Anime Los Angeles

Next weekend is Anime Los Angeles at the LAX Marriott. It’s the first L.A. con of the year and it’s a good one. I think this will be my fifth year going to the convention (the first ALA I attended was when it was in Burbank). However, it is my first year organizing a panel. Yup, you read that right.

“Shibuya-Kei and Japanese Indie Music” is a discussion of Japanese artists from the early 1990s to now. Joining me are Tune in Tokyo DJs Greg Hignight and Del Martin as well as Tommy Pedrini from the band Cats on Mars.
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The Coolest Marc Almond Record I Own

"Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart" 7" box set. Photos: Liz O.

One of the things I wanted to do on this blog is post bits and pieces of my record collection. I’m not going to say it’s anywhere near the coolest collection you’ll see, but there’s some good stuff in it. Since I’m spinning at Club Underground’s Soft Cell party on Friday, I thought I would launch this project with the coolest Marc Almond record I own.
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New Year’s Eve 2011 Set List

Happy New Year! I hope you’re all having a great weekend.

I had a blast on New Year’s Eve. My friends invited me to play at their house and I got to share the decks with my totally awesome pal Flora. We had so much fun spinning together last night that we want to do it again. And again. And again.

It was a last minute thing, so I basically grabbed two stacks of CDs and worked with that. One of the girls there happened to have Elastica and Nina Hagen on her, so I played those too. Anyhow, the set’s after the jump.
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