Check out Shojono Tomo’s Work at Munky King

Shojono Tomo display at Munky King. Check out the hand-painted kimono. (Photo: Liz O.)

Shojono Tomo’s clothing has appeared on Nicki Minaj so many times that the superstar gave her a shout-out in Ester Dean’s song, “Gimme Money.” But Tomo doesn’t limit herself to fashion design. She’s a multi-disciplinary artist, one of the most creative and fun-loving people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Right now, Tomo’s work is on display and for sale at Munky King on Melrose. The display pieces include her hand-painted kimono that’s on loan from the Museum of World Culture in Sweden. You can also check out some of the items from her web store in person, including the adorable “Pants Invaders” leggings, which recall a certain old school video game, and the “Lost in the Supermarket” leggings (points for sharing a name with a song from The Clash). There are also bags, hats and an assortment of other goodies.

I stopped by Munky King on Saturday and took a few photos of the display. Check them out below and see Tomo’s “mini-shop” in person up until March 26.
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Peter Gric’s “Android Awakening”

Event II by Peter Gric (Photo: Liz O.)

Recently, I went to CoproGallery in Santa Monica for the opening of “Conjoined II.” That same night, the gallery also hosted a separate show featuring the art of Peter Gric called “Android Awakening.”

Gric is from Europe and his work, at least what I’ve seen of it, has a cool post-apocalyptic sci-fi edge to it. There are a few more photos after the jump. While I hate to think of art as NSFW, I’m also not your boss, so proceed with caution as there’s some nudity in the images.
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That Time I Saw Hatsune Miku Next to Robert Smith at Munky King

Hatsune Miku and Robert Smith on the wall at Munky King (art by Plasticgod). Photo: Liz O.


I try not bust out my camera phone on every occasion, but how often is it that you see Hatsune Miku and Robert Smith next to each other? I think the answer would be never were it not for these two pieces spotted at Munky King. They’re by Plasticgod. He does really cool Lego-like portraits of celebrities, pop culture icons, etc.

So, what was I doing at Munky King, you ask? Did you ask? Do you care?

I was interviewing Luke Chueh.
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Art Inspired by Adult Swim at Gallery 1988

Shadows of Dangerous Men by Scott Listfield Photo: Liz O. (for L.A. Weekly slideshow "The Best Art Inspired by Adult Swim.")

I watch a lot of Adult Swim and have done so since the network launched a decade ago. So, I was really happy to cover for L.A. Weekly. You can read the write-up in today’s Cult Stars column.  I also managed to take enough photos for a slideshow, which includes the above photo.
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Jeaux, Morrissey and Animal Sounds

Morrissey as drawn by Jeaux Janovsky, 1994.


This is the coolest piece of art I own. It’s a sketch of The Smiths-era Morrissey from my friend Jeaux Janovsky. It’s dated 1994, so he drew it sometime during that year that we got hit with an earthquake, our school collapsed and we ended up attending class for 2 or 3 hours a day before they moved enough trailers into the parking lot for us. Yes, that’s a true story.

Jeaux is an amazing artist. This week, two different websites interviewed him about his work. Read about him in A Collection Of and Chubstr. In the Chubstr interview, he mentions our webcomic, Animal Sounds, which will be available in a few months.

So now I’m going to tell you about Animal Sounds.
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