Beat Swap Meet Set List 9/15/13



Beat Swap Meet happened again in Chinatown yesterday. Of course, I picked up some new-old records for myself. You can check out those purchases in the above photo. I’m kind of excited to play “I Want to Touch You” by Catherine Wheel on vinyl sometime in the near future.

I also got to play at Beat Swap Meet yesterday. Here’s the set list.

XTC– Generals and Majors

The Clash– This Is Radio Clash

Austra and Gina X– Mayan Drums

Echo and the Bunnymen– Heads Will Roll

Siouxsie and the Banshees– Monitor

The Jam– Start!

Fun Boy Three- Lunatics…

Fad Gadget– Back to Nature

I have to gigs coming up this week. On Thursday, you can catch me play at Club Berlin at Alpine Village in Torrance. On Friday, I’ll be at Underground at the Grand Star.


September DJ Gigs

1305391_10101782724263115_1958256204_nFeel like dancing or just hanging out and listening to some good tunes this month? I have four gigs scheduled for September. Mark them down on your calendar now. I’ll post more info on these closer to the dates of the events.

September 15

Beat Swap Meet @ Grand Star Jazz Club

September 19

Club Berlin @ Alpine Village

September 20

Club Underground @ Grand Star Jazz Club

September 28

Shadowplay @ Grand Star Jazz Club


Finally Saw Heroes of Cosplay. Wished It Were Like RuPaul’s Drag Race.

People have been talking about Heroes of Cosplay for weeks. Some have a list of reasons for disliking it. Plenty of people in the scene are offended by it. I finally saw the Syfy reality series last night. It was kind of boring. I kept wishing it were more like RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Cosplayers and drag queens have a lot in common. Both frequently rely on pop culture references to push their art forward. Both require a hefty skill set. The best cosplayers, like the best drag queens, are good with costumes, make-up and hair, plus they can perform for an audience on some level. More importantly, though, both are part of scenes that have been wildly misunderstood by the general public.

┬áRuPaul’s Drag Race is good TV. It’s a fun competition with a lot of big personalities in the running. Yet, there are also a lot of heartfelt moments on the show. When you’re watching it, you know that there’s something greater to it than over-the-top costumes and lip-sync performances. It’s a show about identity and community. If that’s what Heroes of Cosplay intended, it missed the mark entirely.
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