DJ Gig: Club Microwave 8/03/12

CIA08032013Saturday night, I’ll be playing at Club Microwave, which is held at CIA in North Hollywood. This gig is particularly cool for a few reasons.

1. I’m playing all vinyl, all synthpop. The musicians on the bill are playing chip tunes.

2. It’s all ages. (Be aware that those under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult.)

3. It’s in the Valley. I don’t think I’ve had a gig in the Valley before this, which is weird considering that I grew up there.

Anyhow, I hope you’ll attend. If you want a Facebook reminder, check out the invite. 

Two DJ Gigs This Weekend: Shadowplay and All This Is That

1016775_1399181353628323_222979457_nEvery fourth Saturday of the month, my friends, Larry and Diana, and I throw a goth party at the Grand Star in Chinatown called Shadowplay. Since tomorrow night is said fourth Saturday of July, it’s your chance to join us for some fun on the dance floor. We’ll be bringing old school and new school spooky jams. All you have to do is show up. This is a 21+ event. The cover is $8. However, there are a few ways you can get in for free.
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Preview Night: When We Landed an Awesome Hotel Room and Goofed Around

This was part of the view from our hotel room.

This was part of the view from our hotel room.

It took five years to get here. When it finally happened, it had more to do with my friend’s luck than my own.

Three of us entered the hotel lottery. We did this last year with mixed results. This time, though, we were methodical. We bumped up the amount we were willing to spend on a room. We made sure that a few of our choices overlapped. On the day of the lottery, each one of us managed to submit our picks in well under a minute. In the end, we all got hotels within a few blocks of the convention center. G scored the fanciest of the lot, the one with the bar that brings in the industry folks, the one that is the shortest walk from the convention center.

G led me to the room, opened the door and instructed me to look out the windows as soon as I set down my luggage. To the right was a harbor dotted with yachts. To the left was the city. I could see inflatable versions of Mordecai and Rigby, the characters from the regular show, perched high above the crowd the was just moving in for the next few days.

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Set List: Underground, July 13, 2013

Dancing in the fog to "Sex Dwarf"

Dancing in the fog to “Sex Dwarf”

I took this photo from the DJ booth last night, while I was playing “Sex Dwarf.” The fog machine was pumping. The music was blasting. The floor was crowded. It was a good night.

Friday was our New Order party at Underground. We couldn’t ask for anything better. People started dancing early and stuck around to the very end. We met one lady who came up from Tijuana for our party because she had seen posts about it online. There were a lot of old friends and new friends inside the club bringing some of the best energy I’ve seen in a while. I played Savages and people kept dancing. When something new does well, I’m ecstatic.

Also, this marked the first time Diana and I played a tag team set. It was fun. We should do it again. Here are my set lists from the night.
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