Suede Nite @ Underground: Set List

I usually play all vinyl. However, last night was Suede Nite at Underground and, the thing about Suede (who I still refuse to call London Suede), is that it’s incredibly difficult to get their releases on vinyl in L.A. I had one 7″ and one 12″ single. After spending hours walking around Hollywood and Highland Park, I now have three 7″ ┬ásingles and that one weird “Everything Will Flow” remix 12″ that I randomly found in a cheapo bin at Amoeba years ago.

That said, I played CDs last night and it was fun. It was a different experience and I think the set list is far from what I normally spin in part for that reason. It’s basically what I played at Bang! back in 2000 and 2001. I even got The Avalanches in there.

Some friends asked about the cover of “Da Da Da” that I played last night. It’s from Elastica’s second album. “You know, the one no one bought,” I answered. The album is actually called The Menace and the “Da Da Da” cover was something I played a lot at Bang! when the album was new. Go look through the used CD bins and I’m sure you’ll find it for cheap.
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Kraftwerkin’ Day and Night

Kraftwerkin’ Day and Night was going to be the title of a section of my record collection, but it swelled into a behemoth of synthesizers and I had to change the game plan. Now, Kraftwerkin’ Day and Night is a blog section dedicated to the day-to-day activities of one lowly freelancer (that would be yours truly) who listens to things that sound like Kraftwerk while trying desperately to make a name for herself. I’m posting these updates because I get a ton of questions about working freelance. Maybe this will help. Maybe it will be entertaining too. I don’t know.

I work from a home office deep within the confines of Greater Hipsterville. Every day, I sit at a desk cluttered with Sanrio and San-X stationary. It’s totally kawaii. Unless I have to go out for an interview, I wear my freelance uniform. That’s yoga pants, a band t-shirt, a hoodie and Target socks decked out in funky patterns. When I run outside, I slip on Chuck Taylors. They don’t necessarily match my socks. Today, I’m wearing a Nine Inch Nails shirt that I bought when the Downward Spiral tour came to Los Angeles. Yes, that was 18 years ago, but there are no holes in the shirt, so it’s okay.

I am a consummate professional.
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Set List: Birthday DJ Gig/Siouxsie Nite

Maybe someday soon I will tell you about the awesome madness that went down at Underground last night, but I’m going on four hours of sleep, so let’s just stick with a set list. Three sets, mostly old stuff, but songs that are rarely, if ever, played at Underground. Had the floor going before 10 p.m. That never happens at a party that opens at 9. Ever.
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Celebrating My Birthday the Siouxsie Way

I’m already pulling the Siouxsie vinyl.

I had just turned 15 when I saw Siouxsie and the Banshees. I think I actually used birthday money to buy my ticket. It was at Universal Amphitheater, the place now known as Gibson. I wore a purple dress that I bought at Saturdays. It was corpse purple, I thought, and therefore an appropriate alternative to all-black. My friends and I did our make-up all spooky. To be honest, I looked a little tragic, an ungraceful, awkward gothling. I knew that when I walked into the show and saw all the beautiful people with their perfect MAC faces and thrift store velvet dresses. I had a lot to learn.

That was the only time I saw Siouxsie and the Banshees. They toured again a couple years later, after I had figured out how to dress and dance like a proper goth, but I missed it for some odd reason or other. I saw The Creatures, Siouxsie and Budgie’s side project, several times. In fact, I met them when they played Coven 13. I thought I might faint. I’m kind of a big Siouxsie fan.
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Liz O.’s Birthday DJ Gig Returns on December 14

Breaking news!!!!

Okay, it’s not really breaking news. I just wanted to add some urgency to this all-important reminder that yours truly is celebrating a birthday for an undisclosed age very soon.

This year’s Birthday DJ Gig will take place at Underground on December 14. It’s not my actual birthday (that’s December 8, for those keeping track), but it’s the next date I’m scheduled to play at the club. All are welcome to attend, as long as your 21 or older.

In the coming days, I’ll let you know the theme for the night and RSVP details.