Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller of ADULT. Unveil Video Art Piece “Rise & Fall: Repeat,” Is New Music on the Way?

Just the other day, I was wondering, what the heck is ADULT. doing these days. The duo from Detroit won my ears, and plenty of others, with their visceral electronic sound more than a decade ago.

Dear readers, this is why we should always follow the bands we love on Facebook. Today, ADULT. posted this video of a video by Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller called “Rise & Fall: Repeat.” It was taken last weekend at Dlectricity, “Detroit’s Nighttime Exhibition of Art + Light.” I would have love to seen this whole event in person. Even better, though, is that their Dlectricity bio says, “New ADULT. music releases are planned for this winter.”

Hercules and Love Affair “Release Me” Remix Available for Free through !K7

I’m having a hard time believe that !K7, one of my favorite labels, has been around for 27 years, but time flies and, to celebrate, they’re giving away two free tracks every Tuesday through October 16. This week’s “double-sided EP,” as the label calls them, features none other than Hercules and Love Affair.

No amount of gushing can truly demonstrate how much I love Hercules and Love Affair. (I’m still kicking myself that I couldn’t get out to the U.K. to see them perform “Blind” with Antony.) They are amazing and this remix of “Release Me” by Andy Butler and Mark Pistel is every bit of middle-of-the-night dance floor genius that I would expect it to be.”Release Me” is one of the two exclusive tracks that will be featured on Hercules and Love Affair’s DJ-Kicks mix, due out on October 29.

Also featured on this week’s download is “Janet (He Doesn’t Know I’m Alive).” When my mom caught wind of this track (yes, really), she referred to it as “old school.” In fact, the vocals are remarkably similar to those on all the freestyle jams we used to hear in the car on the way to elementary school.

Long story short, go download these now from !K7’s site.

Robert DeLong Makes Music with a Wii, See Him for Free at the Echoplex Every Monday This Month

Robert DeLong makes dance music with a Wii. He also uses drums, keyboards, laptops and other assorted instruments, but the whole Wii thing is pretty darn cool. Anyhow, he’s playing free shows at the Echoplex every Monday this month.

The first gig of DeLong’s residency was last week. He’s also playing tonight, as well as October 15 and 29. I can’t make it tonight, but will try my hardest to get down there next week. Make sure you catch one of his shows too.

Listen to Robert DeLong on SoundCloud.

Top 5 Beatique Posts for the Week of 9/30-10/06/12

My copy of “How Soon Is Now?”

Wondering what the most popular posts on Beatique were this week? Here’s the rundown.

1. Chris Corner Turns to PledgeMusic to Fund New IAMX Album, Hits Goal in Under an Hour

This is the most popular post on this blog ever. Thank you to Team IAMX for the Facebook link love.

2. Why I Kind of Wouldn’t Want a Smiths Reunion

The Smiths reunion rumors started and ended once again this week. This is where I stand. Always.

3. I <3 Synthpop at Club Underground on Friday Night

I ended up not playing the songs mentioned in the post at Underground on Friday. It happens. If you’re curious, here’s the set list.

4. ‘The Passion of the Groove’: From Sheila and B. Devotion to Alacazar

I love disco. Hope you do too.

5. Celebrating One Whole Year of Freelancing

A year goes by fast.



Celebrating One Whole Year of Freelancing

I don’t remember the date I went solo, but it was around this week last year, so we’ll consider today my first anniversary as a freelancer. This, dear reader, is a big deal.

Freelancing is difficult. It might be more difficult when you make the decision to work on your own in a split second, in the middle of the worst economy our generation has seen, with no planning, and no savings, behind you. At the time, though, it was the best option. I had looked through employment boards and the listings for my field had run dry. The last thing I was going to do was take another job that was beneath my education and experience level. If I was going to have to struggle to make ends meet– and, judging from what I saw, that would have been the case– I might as well do it on my own terms.

I wouldn’t say this year has been a runaway success, but, it’s progress. In the past year, I’ve had the chance to work with people I really like on projects I loved. I got to DJ again, something that I had desperately missed while I was holed up in an office uploading slideshows and writing Facebook status updates. Thanks to everyone (you know who you are) who helped with jobs and moral support. In hindsight, this whole freelance thing is going a lot better than I thought it was. I’m certain, though, that the next 12 months will be far more awesome.

Tonight, I’m going to celebrate this milestone the best way I can. I’ll be spinning my favorite records at Underground, at the Grand Star in Chinatown, sometime between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. Please feel free to stop by and say hi. If you want to go, you can RSVP either on the Underground website or on the club’s Facebook page. An RSVP gets you and one guest in for free before 10 p.m. or $5 thereafter.

Saint Etienne to Release Words and Music Double CD as U.S. Tour Exclusive

This just in from Saint Etienne. The British trio will be giving Words and Music by Saint Etienne a double CD release in the U.S. There’s a catch, though. It will only be available at stops on their tour this fall.

This special release of the album, which was announced via the band’s email list, will feature a bonus disc with 10 new songs, 8 of which are previously unreleased. The double-disc is limited to 2700 copies, 300 of which are allocated for sale at each date on the tour. Each copy is $20 and they will be sold on a one-per-person basis prior to the performance. If you need extra copies, you have to wait until after the show to purchase those, provided that there are some remaining. Check out the tracklisting, taken from the Saint Etienne newsletter.
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Looking for Dance Songs on Muse’s The 2nd Law

One night, about a decade or so ago, I was DJing at my then-residency, Bang!, when my friend Tim started going on about some new band from the U.K. There’s nothing unusual about that, my friends and I are frequently running on at the mouth about new bands from the U.K., so I’m not really sure what it was about this particularly conversation that made me run out to Vinyl Fetish and buy a single from said band. The single was called “Bliss.” It was synth-heavy and I thought it would sound pretty good with the Pet Shop Boys for some odd reason or other. I started playing it at my gigs, early, whenever I knew my friend was ready to hit the dance floor. The song did alright. It wasn’t a huge hit, but it didn’t completely clear the floor the way some new single from some new band called Interpol did at around the same time. Clearly, my friend has a rare ability to pick out the Next Big Thing because, one album later, the band in question– Muse– became pretty much the hottest band on the planet.

Over the years, Muse has put forth club hits, radio hits, live hits, Olympic hits. Now, their latest album, The 2nd Law, is available. I finally got around to pulling up the album on Spotify this morning, checking it out specifically to see if there’s something on the album that I could play during my sets. There are a lot of tracks that I really dig– “Save Me,” “The 2nd Law: Unsustainable” and “The 2nd Law: Isolated System” come to mind immediately– but those won’t work with the kind of DJ sets I’m playing at the moment.
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Placebo to Release B83 EP on October 16, Launches Fan Art Contest

Placebo is back with a new EP, B83, due out digitally on October 16. A limited edition CD will be available as of October 30.

Judging from the Soundcloud clip of the title track (embedded above), it seems like the band is returning to the dramatic, rock sound that earned them legions of fans with albums like WIthout You, I’m Nothing and Black Market Music.  However, this might not be what fans will hear on their forthcoming full-length, due out next year. In fact, the press release I received specifically says of the EP, “While not a reflection of the direction of the new album, the band felt strongly that their fans should get to hear new music in the interim.” Hmmm, I’m quite curious to hear that new album.

In the meantime, Placebo is hosting a contest for fans to produce their own covers of the B83 EP. You can either submit your work via Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #B3KISS or you can do it through the contest’s designated website. The deadline is October 31and the winner will receive a test print of the art signed by the band.

Why I Kind of Wouldn’t Want a Smiths Reunion

My copy of “How Soon Is Now?”

You know the drill. Blogs report rumors that The Smiths are reuniting. Blogs dismiss rumors that The Smiths are reuniting. All this gets passed around on Facebook. Debates ensue in comment sections. We’re all scratching our heads wondering if, in fact, Morrissey and Marr will cave like pretty much every other group of the post-punk era that doesn’t have a dead frontman (and some that do) and will hit the tour circuit again.  Can they resist the urge to cash in on aging weirdos who were too young to catch the band during all of its 1980s misfit glory?

For a brief second, I’m flooded with images of possibilities. There’s me sweating it out in Empire Polo Field trying to catch a glimpse of Morrissey and Marr from half a mile away. There’s me dragging my boyfriend to the ends of the earth, at least Glastonbury, so we can get caught in rain and mud during “How Soon Is Now?” There’s me crawled up in the fetal position, holding a bouquet of gladioli and a copy of the Picture of Dorian Gray, sobbing as I listen to “Paint a Vulgar Picture” on repeat because I couldn’t get tickets. If The Smiths were to reunite, I’m certain that the latter scenario is the only plausible one. But, thankfully, the band is once again not reuniting, or so says NME.
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