Thank you!

Hi Everyone,
I’ve neglected blogging, and a lot of other stuff too, because I’ve had my nose buried in some freelancing that has nothing to do with the things I write that you might actually read.
Somehow, in the midst of that, I managed to spew four stories that you did read. At least, I think you’ve read them because you’ve been tweeting, sharing on Facebook and all that good stuff. I want to thank you for that.
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Hi-Fructose Vol. 24: Where I Interview Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen and Josh Keyes

My new copy of Hi-Fructose.

Hi-Fructose Vol. 24 is out now. My copies came in the mail over the weekend and I was so psyched to see this gorgeous piece from Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen on the cover. I admit, I have personal reasons for being so excited. I did the interview with Uldalen for this issue. He is an amazing up-and-coming artist from Norway whose paintings frequently feature photorealistic images people floating. It was a real treat to have the chance to talk to him.

I also interviewed Josh Keyes for this issue. Keyes has done some of the coolest wildlife paintings I’ve ever scene. His animals mingle with symbols of contemporary urban life and are often submerged in geometric pools of water. Keyes is a really fascinating person to interview and I look forward to seeing more of his work soon.
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Want to Hear Blur Remastered on 180 Gram Vinyl? Come to Underground Tomorrow Night

Parklife remastered on vinyl!

Blur turned 21 and, to celebrate, they released an epic box set, both on CD and vinyl, consisting of all their studio albums. I wasn’t keen on buying Blur 21, as it’s well out of my price range. I just can’t spend $164.67 on stuff that I originally bought in high school, even if I didn’t buy it on vinyl.

Fortunately, Blur also released the remastered, deluxe edition albums individually. Since I already have a chunk of their work on vinyl, I figured I could fill in the holes in my collection with the anniversary editions. Today, I headed to Amoeba to check out the score.
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New Vinyl for Club Underground

Instagram: Liz O.

Underground is Friday night and I have some new vinyl on hand. Thank you, Amoeba coupons! Whether or not I play anything off these records on Friday is up to you, so show up early, get on the dance floor and stay there. Underground is Friday nights at the Grand Star in Chinatown. It’s near the Chinatown stop on the Gold Line, which is now running until 2 a.m. or so. (Thank you, Metro!) No more of these “My car is in the shop” excuses.

Check out the new purchases below the jump.
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