Set List: Underground 1/27/12

I played this last night. Photo: Liz O.


Last night was Underground’s website launch party.

I went on a little after 11:30 and played until about 1:30. That’s peak time on the dance floor at clubs in L.A., which means time for the big hits. I did slip in some newer stuff, as well as a few old tracks that aren’t played at the party all that often. One of my friends ran up to me and asked about the Shit Robot track seen in the above photo. I think he said that he wouldn’t be able to get it out of his head. It’s been stuck in mine since I got home last night.

I’ve been hearing “Kernkraft 400” a lot at the big EDM parties lately. It was one of the big hits of the early-’00s electro scene and it kind of took on a life of itself. (Seriously, I heard a remix of it at a Dodger game.) I played the original version, which is a little less bombastic than many of the mixes that exist, thinking it would be a nice counterpoint to the very sweet sound of Depeche Mode on “See You.” Also, it made for a good segue into a really awesome Basement Jaxx/Blancmange mash-up that I’ve had for probably close to a decade. The WhoMadeWho 7″ I picked up on Thursday night went over really well. You’ll be hearing that a lot.

Last night was also the rare night when I actually brought something that was requested (LCD Soundsystem). The last song of the set, “Blind,” was a request too, but my friend asked me to play it days in advance, so of course I had it.

The set list is below.

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Club Underground Sneak Preview: New WhoMadeWho, Old Depeche Mode

The crate for Underground tonight. Photo: Liz O.


‘Twas a sad morning thanks to my failed attempt at getting tickets for Pulp’s San Francisco show. Read about how fast that event sold out on Club Underground.

Speaking of Underground’s website, it’s new, so new that we’re having a launch party tonight. If you’re on Facebook, make sure you RSVP.

Here’s a sneak peek into my crate.
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Animal Sounds Update #1: Fun at the Mall with Pizza and Glow Sticks

Photo: Jeaux J

For the past few months, my friend Jeaux Janovsky and I have been hard at work on our forthcoming webcomic, Animal Sounds. We’ve been doing lot of the work online, but we’re far enough along in the process where we felt that we really needed a big, hours-long, in person meeting. Jeaux thought it would be a good idea for us to do this at Northridge Fashion Center.

We never call it Northridge Fashion Center. It’s just “The Mall” to us, because we grew up here. The Mall was where we hung out after school, quickly changing from our uniforms to our band t-shirts beforehand. It’s where we played video games, ate crappy food and looked for cheap clothes that could easily be gothified. (How I miss Contempo Casuals and its sale rack.) I actually worked at The Mall one summer, selling Kramer posters at Prints Plus, something that I only recently realized inspired at least one scene that I’ve written.
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That Time I Saw Hatsune Miku Next to Robert Smith at Munky King

Hatsune Miku and Robert Smith on the wall at Munky King (art by Plasticgod). Photo: Liz O.


I try not bust out my camera phone on every occasion, but how often is it that you see Hatsune Miku and Robert Smith next to each other? I think the answer would be never were it not for these two pieces spotted at Munky King. They’re by Plasticgod. He does really cool Lego-like portraits of celebrities, pop culture icons, etc.

So, what was I doing at Munky King, you ask? Did you ask? Do you care?

I was interviewing Luke Chueh.
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Art Inspired by Adult Swim at Gallery 1988

Shadows of Dangerous Men by Scott Listfield Photo: Liz O. (for L.A. Weekly slideshow "The Best Art Inspired by Adult Swim.")

I watch a lot of Adult Swim and have done so since the network launched a decade ago. So, I was really happy to cover for L.A. Weekly. You can read the write-up in today’s Cult Stars column.  I also managed to take enough photos for a slideshow, which includes the above photo.
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Jeaux, Morrissey and Animal Sounds

Morrissey as drawn by Jeaux Janovsky, 1994.


This is the coolest piece of art I own. It’s a sketch of The Smiths-era Morrissey from my friend Jeaux Janovsky. It’s dated 1994, so he drew it sometime during that year that we got hit with an earthquake, our school collapsed and we ended up attending class for 2 or 3 hours a day before they moved enough trailers into the parking lot for us. Yes, that’s a true story.

Jeaux is an amazing artist. This week, two different websites interviewed him about his work. Read about him in A Collection Of and Chubstr. In the Chubstr interview, he mentions our webcomic, Animal Sounds, which will be available in a few months.

So now I’m going to tell you about Animal Sounds.
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I Talked to Yoshiki Again

X Japan’s founder/drummer Yoshiki is probably right up there with Andrew W.K. and Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick of The Venture Bros. on the list of people I’ve interviewed a lot. During our latest chat, we talked about the theme for this year’s Golden Globes that Yoshiki composed. Also, I asked him when the next X Japan album is coming out. Read about it on L.A. Weekly’s arts blog.

Quick Update: ALA, Club Cheval

Club Cheval at CYP2. Photo: Liz O.

I really need to get used to updating this thing every day. This week was a little busier than normal lately. The holidays are now officially over and business is back to usual, so I’ve been spending most of my days contacting editors, publicists, etc. to try and get stories written and sold. It’s really easy to spend more time planning the story than actually writing it.
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Club Underground’s Soft Cell Tribute: My Set List

Yours truly holding a copy of Ladytron's album 604 at Club Underground. Photo: Shannon Cottrell for L.A. Weekly, used with permission.

Updated 1/9/11:  Shannon Cottrell was at Underground on Friday night and took a lot of photos. Check out her slideshow for LA Weekly.  That’s me in the above photo, holding a copy of Ladytron’s album, 604.

Club Underground’s Soft Cell party was a big hit. (I probably should have taken some photos, but you will see some elsewhere soon.) Thank you everyone for coming out last night.

We split up the night into one early set, one late set. I think my early set was better, even if that copy of “In Between Days” skipped a lot. From where I was standing, the big hits of the night came from M83, Cold Cave, Crystal Castles, Depeche Mode and, of course, Soft Cell. Check out the set list (with notes) after the jump.
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